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Original Art

Original Art 
All of these pieces are original art from Connie.  Each piece has a flat rate shipping charge of $100 added to the price at checkout.  If you would like to arrange a pick-up or delivery, part or all of the shipping cost may be refunded.

  • A Good Day
    $0.00 A Good Day
    "A Good Day" Travel lift at J J's - image 30" x 22" - framed 40" x 32" SOLD

  • A Rose is a Rose is a
    $450.00 A Rose is a Rose is a
    "A rose is a rose is a ..." - image 21" x 14" - framed 30" x 24"

  • A Special Day
    $0.00 A Special Day
    Boy fishing on rocks in autumn.  image 22x15"   framed 30x24"  SOLD

  • America Forever
    $500.00 America Forever
    24” x 20”...

  • Apple Blossoms (Orig)
    $0.00 Apple Blossoms (Orig)
    "Apple Blossoms" - image 15" x 11" - framed 24" x 20" SOLD

  • Autumn Flight
    $0.00 Autumn Flight
    Geese in distance, windmill up close.  image 5x7", framed 8x10" SOLD

  • Autumn Forest
    $0.00 Autumn Forest
    Red mapel leaves contrast with dark forest. image 5x7" framed 8x10" SOLD

  • Autumn Memory
    $300.00 Autumn Memory
    Autumn Memory - image 9” x 12” -  framed 16” x...

  • Awakening
    $950.00 Awakening
    “Awakening”  a sunrise   Image  26” x 22”    Framed  30’x  28”

  • Betty's Waiting
    $0.00 Betty's Waiting
    Fishing boat is reflected at Pier.  image 9x12", framed 14x18" SOLD

  • Changing Times
    $0.00 Changing Times
    Old barn, milkhouse, and pastures.  image 22x15" framed 30x24"   SOLD

  • Come Back Later...
    $0.00 Come Back Later...
    "Come back later.." - pencil hand painted - image 7" x 9" - framed 14" x 16" SOLD

  • Coming In
    $450.00 Coming In
    Commercial plane in sky.  image 22x15"  framed 30x24"

  • Cruising Cana Island Lighthouse
    $0.00 Cruising Cana Island Lighthouse
    Seagull in flight over lighthouse.  image 22x15"  framed 30x24" SOLD

  • Door County Apples
    $0.00 Door County Apples
    30"x 24" Framed Exterior Size SOLD

  • Door County Dreaming
    $0.00 Door County Dreaming
    Three gulls and sailboat on sunset, mirror water.  image 22x15" framed 30x24" SOLD